Aki Ito - composer



Slow Dance for orchestra (2010)

Etenraku (orchestration from Gagaku) for orchestra (2009)

Progressing Form  for small orchetra (2007)


Vanishing Slowness  for 20 musicians (2005)

-Chamber Music

Trois pièces for violin and chromatic accordion (2013)

Étude de la résonance for flute, clarinette in Bb, violin and cello (2012)

Nœuds for soprano, violin, clarinet in Bb/bass clarinet, guitar, and percussion (2011)

Figure Ground II  for clarinet and cello  (2011)

L’aile fait monter  for flute, clarinet, guitar, and violin (2010)

Figure Ground  for flute, violin, alto, and cello (2009)

Chain II  for clarinet in Bb, cello, and piano (2008)

Apoptosis/Phagostosis  for flute, clarinet in Bb, violin, cello, and piano (2003)

Hermes  for oboe and viola (2002)

Line of the shadow  for violin and piano (2001)

-Vocal work

Prinsessa leikkii The Princess Plays La princesse s’amuse for soprano or mezzo-soprano, flute/alto flute, clarinet in Bb/bass clarinet, cello, harp, piano and electronics (2013-2015)


Four movements for piano (2015)

Trois petites pièces (Bagatelles) for piano (2014)

Trois ritournelles for violin (2013)

Chain III  for viola (2013)

Deux études  for cello (2012)

Chain I  for cello (2006)

Seuil   for clarinet in Bb (2002)

-Works with electronics

[ ./me_slowness ]+   for two dancers, tenor saxophone, tape (2006)

Légèreté/Lenteur   for clarinet and electronics (2003)


Voix ombrée, d’après Prinsessa leikkii (2014-2015)

[ ./me_slowness ]   (2005)

-Collaborations interdisciplinaires

on s’est déjà vu / olemme jo tavanneet / we have already met (2014)

original music with extract from perticipated writer's texts in the project

with Carita Savolainen (painting)

If/Then - Homo Ludens   (2007- 2009)

composition, live performance


Richard Siegal  (choreography, dance)

Kenneth Flak  (dance)

Eric-Maria Couturier  (cello, Ensemble Intercontemporain)

Frédéric Bevilacqua  (researcher on gesture, Ircam)

Jean-Philippe Lambert  (interactive system, video)

Twin-rule (2009)

composition, live performance

with Naoko Tamura (photography)

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